With a Touch, Take Control

Be it audio, video or lighting, the keypad is at your command. Yours to control every convenience of today’s toys and tomorrow’s technologies. With Media Design Concepts wiring design we allow for multiple control options. The Keypad gives you the ultimate in flexibility and convince.

With a touch you can select your choice of music or video, from any location in

your home. Even more exciting, remote Keypads gives you the ability to listen to the CD player in the family room while the radio is in use in the kitchen.

Take control with a Media design Concepts - designed lighting control system. With a touch you can set a lighting scene throughout your home. With a touch you can shut off or dim every light in your home. Please let us show you, what’s in a touch.

HomeWorks - It’s Just That! It does the Work for You!

Easy-to-Use Controls

CHANDELIER: Switch or dim one or more lighting fixtures such as a chandelier. Replace large banks of switches with one compact master control. Eliminate wall plate clutter in foyer, master bedroom, kitchen, etc.

PLAYROOM: Control several groups of light in a room. Illuminated LED lets you monitor whether any lights are on. Touch a button and turn lights off.

READING: Whole-room lighting control. Overhead lights dim to soft level,

reading lights intensify. Set the perfect lighting levels for different occasions and recall each at the touch of a button.

PATHWAY: Push the button and programmed lights softly illuminate form the master control to your selected destination. Typical pathways are master bedroom to kitchen, garage to master bedroom, master bedroom to pool.

SHOWTIME: Control more than just lighting in a room. Push and watch as lights dim, projection screen lowers, video projector emerges from the ceiling, motorized shades close-- all with one button press.

ENTERTAIN: Establishes the perfect mood for entertaining throughout your home. Touch the button and lights adjust to the right level, window shades open or close, landscape lighting illuminates, etc.

SUNSCREEN: Touch this button, and a Lutron Serena(TM) motorized shading system will lower and light blocking shade over the window or windows. Serena reduces glare and controls solar heat loss or gain.

SPA: Prepare your spa area for relaxation. Ask your Lutron dealer how this function and others can be automated or controlled via telephone.

AWAY: Turn off whole-house functions you no longer need while turning on new functions. Your dealer may also show you how to arm security, adjust lights, set HVAC to energy-saving mode, close motorized shades, etc.

VACATION: Unique adaptive learning feature memorizes daily lighting patterns in your home. System replays memorized lighting patterns to simulate occupancy while you’re away. No need for complicated programming schedules!

Custom master control design.

Custom finishes and design add a distinctive touch. HomeWorks(TM) master controls can be designed to integrate with other manufacturers’ keypads such as those from A/V, security, HVAC, and home automation. Optional solid metal finishes include brass, bronze, chrome, nickel, 24K gold plate and custom paint matching. Eight standard colors available. Each master control can be engraved as shown above.

External equipment interface.

Photocells, driveway sensors and occupancy sensors, etc. These can provide automated control for additional peace of mind and energy savings.

Personal computer and telephone interface.

Optional voice prompter telephone interface allows you to access the HomeWorks System from your office, car, or even the telephone in your home. For more sophisticated functions you can control your HomeWorks System from a personal computer or a central home controller.

For new construction or existing homes.

HomeWorks is perfect for new construction or retrofits into existing homes. The most flexible lighting control system available-- your dealer can add additional controls to rooms even after the system in installed.

Wireless Lighting Control

Lutron’s award winning innovation Radio RA has taken lighting control to a new and exciting level. Now for the first time, existing homes have the opportunity to have high quality lighting control

systems. How can this be accomplished? By replacing your light switches with Lutron Radio RA dimmers and switches. How does it work? Each switch and dimmer has a radio transmitter that receives a RF signal sent from your programmable keypad.

Eliminate Wall Acne

So often in the planning of today’s homes we spend countless hours carefully selecting the exact fit and finish that will perfect the design of our home.

We look at carpet, counters and closets. We study dishwashers, doors and draperies, paint and wallpaper and on and on and on. Now we can help you with your acne (those countless switches and dimmers and fans). How, you may ask? Simple—

We at Media Design Concepts look at how you use your house. In a totally different light.

Lighting Control!

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