In order to start you must choose from one of our basic designs below.
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Both designs will offer state of the art acoustics,
great esthetics at a reasonable cost. Please make a choice.

System A
Solid Acoustical Panel with Crown Molding

System B
Split Acoustical Panel with Chair Molding

Our Theatre Designs include:
  • Comfortabe Leather Seating
  • Screen and Equipment Build-Out
  • Front Wall Build-Out
  • 103" Screen (Size Of Room Permitting)
  • High Definition Projector
  • State of the Art Dolby Digital DTS/THX Audio System
  • Acoustical Treatments & Room Certification
  • Riser Build-Out
  • Lighting Controls
  • Automation, And A Remote Control Anyone Can Use
  • Painting
  • Equipment Housing
  • Installation
  • Warranty

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