What is Automation?

Media Design Concepts offers complete automation systems to information networking systems from the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Products from Lutron, Vantage, Leviton, and UStec allow us to individually customize your home integration system to reflect your unique lifestyle. A way of life! The powerful conveniences of a home integration system are available to all homeowners. Whether you're remodeling or constructing a new home, we can integrate your lighting, security, HVAC, draperies and audio/video systems. An integrated system will allow you to control any electrical device by pushing a button, opening a door or entering a room. It’s just that simple! The systems Media Design Concepts offers will be individually customized to reflect your unique lifestyle. Our integrated systems are powerful enough to simultaneously open your bedroom draperies, turn on your favorite CD, turn on your shower and slowly increase the lights in your bathroom, all at a pre-selected time. This is just one example of what an integrated system is, and how it can accommodate your distinct way of life.

Do you have an insurance policy for future technology? We do! We're proud to introduce 21st century wiring. The first concern is the cabling throughout your home. Current in-home wiring is obsolete and inadequate to accept high speed digital data, which is an important element of the emerging home automation and Internet technologies. Computers, microprocessors and “chips” will continue to invade our lives through our appliances and systems; in turn, our lives will change significantly as we enter the

21st Century. Bandwidth distribution in our homes is convenience for the 21st Century. The UStec Digital Networking system is an affordable home wiring network, which fulfills technologies’ demand for bandwidth. Whole-house audio/video distribution, networking of computers, integration of security systems, access to cable and DSS television and a convenient on/off ramp to the Internet are examples of this state of the art tecGate server system.

This is the only system available today to offer dual-coax gigahertz-rated amplifiers with DC current pass-though on the coaxial cable and three-termination configuration for the twisted pair. These elec- tronics match today’s and anti- cipate tomorrow’s requirements. All modular and easily upgraded to give you value as well as flexibility. In the not-to-distant future, our appliances will communicate with each other between these distinct networks, as well as through the air (radio frequency) and infrared (TV remote control). This network prepares the home for all these eventualities.

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